Child Rights and Well-being in Online Gaming and ESports in India

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Feb 10, 2024
9:00 am
6:00 pm
India Habitat Center, New Delhi


In the contemporary digital age, online gaming has become an integral part of children's lives, providing entertainment, education, and social interaction. However, this rapid digital transformation also brings forth challenges related to child safety, ethical game development, and ensuring children's rights within the online gaming industry. This conference aims to address these challenges and explore opportunities for creating a safer and more responsible online gaming environment for children.


The conference's primary objective is to address the intersection of child rights and online gaming, fostering collaboration among experts, industry professionals, policymakers, educators, and parents on the issues surrounding child rights and online gaming. Through panel discussions, regulatory insights, and open forum dialogue, it seeks to raise awareness, unveil industry guidelines, and promote digital well-being. The objective is to generate actionable insights for a balanced, child-friendly online gaming environment.

Key Themes: 

  • The Intersection of Child Rights and Online Gaming: Explore the nuanced relationship between child rights and online gaming, emphasising responsible practices and the impact on children's rights in the digital landscape.
  • Unveiling of guidelines for the Online Gaming Industry: Introduction of crucial guidelines for the online gaming sector, aiming to establish a framework that prioritises child safety, ethical practices, and responsible innovation.
  • Digital Wellbeing: Navigating Challenges in Online Gaming: Delve into discussions surrounding digital well-being in online gaming, addressing challenges and solutions related to mental health, education, and parenting in the context of children engaging with digital platforms.
  • Regulating Online Gaming: Balancing Innovation and Child Protection: Examine the delicate balance between fostering innovation in the online gaming industry and ensuring robust measures for child protection, featuring insights from legal experts, industry representatives, and child rights advocates.
  • Open Forum for Stakeholder Engagement: Participate in an interactive session offering diverse stakeholders, including NGOs, industry players, government officials, parents, and children, a platform to share experiences, insights, and queries, contributing to a collaborative approach for addressing challenges in online gaming and child rights.

Expected Outcome: 

  • Increased awareness and collaboration among stakeholders in addressing challenges in child rights and online gaming.
  • Implementation of industry guidelines emphasising child safety and responsible innovation, reinforcing commitment to a secure online gaming space.
  • Conference insights influencing informed regulatory discussions and shaping balanced policies for online gaming.
  • Active participation of diverse stakeholders in open forums, leading to collaborative actions for addressing challenges and promoting child rights in online gaming.
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