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Frequently Asked Questions

How flexible is the CPF volunteering program for college students?

For college students who wish to volunteer with us, how much time to devote out of their schedule is fully their choice. They can freely decide how many hours they wish to volunteer, based on their schedules and preferences. There is no fixed requirement. Flexibility is a hallmark of our volunteer program, as we want volunteers to have a healthy balance between their various commitments.

Does CPF provide cybersecurity training to volunteers?

Yes, we regularly organise training sessions, awareness-building workshops, exciting competitions and more in order to train our volunteers.

Can volunteers establish a CyberPeace Club at their college?

Absolutely. Volunteers can create CyberPeace Clubs in their colleges. This initiative encourages grassroots involvement and community-building.

Are certificates provided to volunteers for their contributions?

Yes, we provide certificates to all our volunteers, to recognize and appreciate their efforts & dedication.

What benefits can volunteers expect from their involvement with CPF?

All those who volunteer with CPF can expect the following benefits:

  • Opportunities to network and collaborate with like-minded individuals.
  • A platform to showcase your ideas through blogs, research, and articles.
  • A chance to enter and participate in unique competitions, hackathons and other exciting events. This will be highly valuable for volunteers who seek skill development & awareness in this field.
  • Improved professional prospects.
  • Potential for lateral entry into universities for cybersecurity courses.
  • Certificates & digital badges through blockchain technology.
What is CyberPeace Café about? What does this space offer?

CyberPeace Café is a cafe-like space that provides a diverse range of activities and resources to support individuals in their pursuits of technology, entrepreneurship, gaming, creativity, and innovation. We offer a wide range of services, such as a state-of-the-art gaming zone, creators studio, VR experience, co-working space and much more. This space exists for individuals to freely explore their interests and passions. All of this, along with a delectable food and beverage menu to keep your energies high, is what the CyberPeace Cafe has to offer.

Is CyberPeace Café suitable for all age groups?

Yes, CyberPeace Cafe is an inclusive space for people of all age groups and communities. By making this space accessible & inclusive, we hope to foster meaningful interactions and contributions to the cause of CyberPeace.

What kind of events & activities take place at CyberPeace Café?

CyberPeace Café hosts a variety of engaging activities, including:

  • Workshops & training sessions in coding, web development, data analysis, and cybersecurity.
  • Gaming tournaments & competitions for e-gamers to showcase their skills.
  • A collaborative workspace for project development.
  • Cybersecurity awareness & support for individuals and small businesses.
  • An immersive virtual reality experience.
  • A resource library with accessible materials.
Can I seek assistance with cybercrime-related queries at CyberPeace Café?

Yes, we can help you understand the extent of the cybercrime in question and provide the required guidance. This place is a safe haven for all of us who seek to share and find solutions together.